Here's a quick way to check if the creative skill you have, or you need, is available on Createxplore.

The Current Skills shown below are all the skills currently available on Createxplore. All of our Projects need one of these skills, and all of our Creators have one (or more) of them.

The Skills Poll is our way of testing demand for new creative skills that aren't currently available on Createxplore. If you have (or need) a skill that isn't on our list of Current Skills then you can ask us to add it in one of two ways:

If the skill you want to add is included in our Skills Poll then you can vote for it below.

If the skill you want to add isn't already listed in our Skills Poll then just enter it into the Add a Skill box below and we'll add it to the Skills Poll. You don't need to register with us to ask for a skill to be added.

Vote to add a new skill in our Skills Poll!

You need to register as a Creator or an Explorer to be able to vote for a new skill. You can vote for as many skills as you like, but you can only vote for each skill once. We regularly look at these votes and add skills that are in demand to our list of Current Skills.

Add a Skill

To add a Skill to our Skills Poll just enter it below and we'll do the rest :)