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What is Marine Photography

Marine photography is also commonly known as underwater photography. Below are some of the most common types: 

Scenic and Wide-Angle Shots

These tend to be wide-angle or scene-setting photographs of coral and reefs, underwater shipwrecks or springs. 


Photographs where the images are half underwater and half over water. These can be used to capture animals. 

Wildlife Photography

Underwater creatures are fascinating and open the world’s eyes to the beauty of nature below the surface. It varies from small fish such as plankton to large mammals like whales. This is also commonly used for research purposes. 

Fundamentals of Marine Photography

First thing you’ll need to know about marine photography is that the photographer should be a high-level scuba diver. They’ll be able to control their movements and bide their time to get the best shot required. 

Underwater images are harder to take in comparison to their landscape counterparts as the further below the surface you go the less light you’ll be provided with. This can cause the image to lack colour and not turn out as planned.  A good marine photographer will be able to work around these issues.

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