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Free Music and Audio Services for Small Businesses

Music and audio experiences are part of consumers everyday lives. With the rise of podcasts and video advertisement, audio has quickly become part of any good business or charity marketing plan. 

As consumers behaviour changes, so do marketing strategies. With lots of video content being spread across the various social media channels, choosing the right music, voice and sound design can add a deeper more valuable meaning to your video and help consumers connect with your business or charity. 

Music and Audio for Charities

Take the Dairy Milk Gorilla Advert, for example. The song is a great example of how audio can impact a video and because of this impact, the song re-entered the UK charts. 

There are many different forms of audio including voiceover, soundtrack and foley sounds. Once the audio has been created, a good audio editor will help you make sure that the sound can be used for its intended purpose. 

A consistent use of music can change a flat campaign into a branded masterpiece and help people recognise your brand which helps you form a strong relationship with them ensuring they will become loyal to your brand.

Types of Music and Audio

Music has two elements, music for video and songwriting. 

  • Music for video should match the footage on the screen and should be able to strike an emotional response from the audience. 
  • Music in general can spark emotion or cause the audience to join in. 

Audio editing is about editing and mixing together (and sometimes creating e.g. adding sound effects/ foley) all the overall elements of the audio (music, dialogue, sound effectts/ foley, etc) and adjusting timing to fit any visual content. That includes making sure audio components are in the right balance at any given moment (eg dialogue is clearly audible over music or a musical theme is clear) and overall levels are appropriate. It also includes formatting the finished audio. If it's not done well, problems can include audio and visual content don't match, dialogue isn't clearly audible over music, audio is distorted or poor quality, overall volume levels are too low meaning that the mesage isn't heard.

Voiceovers Artists are also commonly referred to as voice acting with those who perform commonly used for animation, TV shows and films as well as video games. This element of audio can help portray the storyline or create a connection between characters and audience. 

Focusing on your music and audio will help your charity or business grow. We have a wide range of Creators who are on hand to help you bring your vision to life. 

Focusing on your music and audio will help your charity or business grow. We have a wide range of Creators who are on hand to help you bring your vision to life.

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