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Why use illustrations for your small business or charity?

Businesses can be seen to use illustrations in various ways. One of the most commonly used methods is on a website or in an email template. 

Using illustrations on websites can be something as simple as a help icon on websites to different graphics that a company may use throughout their website or product design and especially when creating package designs. Creating a good custom illustration for a package is now one of the most popular types of illustrations. 

Illustrations can also help emphasise important key messages on your website. Simply look at any good website and you’ll see a fantastic illustration pulling you in. 

Communicate Your Marketing Message With Illustrations

Using eye-catching illustrations are more likely to make people stop and read the blog. In fact, researchers have worked out that only remember about 10% of the information presented by marketers is remembered by their audience. When that information is presented in a visual form, that number jumps to 65%. 

This means that using illustrations is likely to make people five times more likely to remember your information, your company/charity and likely to follow the call to action presented to them. 

Focused Attention On Your Brand

Illustrations should be tailored to your brand and company in mind. This will help you avoid the clash of having someone else’s photos on photos on your homepage and lose potential customers. 

Naturally, illustrations will match your branding perfectly with its colour, tone and style. The drawings can be perfectly crafted to encapsulate what your business is about, its core message, values and approach. 

You’ll want someone who understands you and your brand.

Why Do Illustrations Work?

There are numerous reasons why brands choose to use illustrations over other visual mediums. 

Your Idea is Too Abstract

Sometimes the nature of your idea will only work in illustrated form. Illustrations can also bring something of a dry photograph to life as a visualised masterpiece. The same can be applied to an ad campaign. If you’re trying to tap into more abstract brand values such as innovation or playfulness, illustration can be the best way to get this feeling across. 

It’s Too Ambitious For A Photo

Sometimes your imagination can be a wide range of topics and ideas. The simple beauty of illustration is that you can depict what your imagination is visualising. 

Futuristic, surreal and fantastical scenes are all possible with photography but may cost a small fortune to develop. Photomontages are a great way to bring photography and illustrations together for a photorealistic design. 

Pick the right style of illustration and there is no limit to what you can create. 

Data Always Looks Better

Presenting important data can be a daunting task. You don’t want to lose your audience but you need to present this information in a way that’s interesting and entertaining. This is where infographics are considered helpful. 

Infographics have seen a rise in popularity over the last decade with dedicated sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram helping to spread visual images far and wide. 

At their core, infographics are designed to make complex information easier to digest and understand. This is why illustrations are considered better than photographs when trying to present this type of information. 

Whether you’re a charity or corporate business, infographics are here to stay and can be beneficial to all types of businesses.

Illustrations can change the mood, look and feel of an image. Whether it’s a multi campaign, a series of graphics or even a simple brochure, Illustration might be the way forward. 

Whatever type of illustration you are looking for, our bunch of creatives are here to help you and your business with whatever type of illustration your need. 

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