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Why Get A Book Cover Designed?

You’ve done the hard part, you’ve written a potential bestseller but how will people notice your book? This is where designing a great book cover comes in. Aimed at creating a first impression for potential readers, designing a book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book. This is why it’s important to consider a professional designer for creating the cover. 

Designing a book cover is the main process of getting an author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader, by giving it a form. A successful book cover needs to make a reader feel compelled to read the story rather than tell them about it. 

Books with creative covers and eye-catching graphics make people more compelled to purchase the book. 

The book cover is an important part of marketing so it’s important to not leave this element until last. The design of your book cover is aimed at drawing people in, providing enough intrigue and charm that they need to buy it. 

Catch the Buyers Attention

There is a wide range of books hitting the shelves daily, a book cover can make or break your sales, making an experienced and good looking book cover highly desirable. Your cover must give away just enough to persuade the reader and sell the story inside without revealing too much about the plot. Book cover design must convince the buyer that the book is worth their time. 

Shout About the Reviews

A good book review helps intrigue the reader into purchasing the book. When designing a book cover, you’ll want to make sure that these can be seen clearly. Usually placed on the back of the cover. Use more notable reviews over smaller critiques as these may be seen as a more reliable source.

Gives a Glimpse About the Book

Your main aim is to attract the readers towards your book. You’ll want to give your audience a glimpse of what your book entails but don’t overdo it. Attention-grabbing and flashy are two different things. The purpose of the cover is to convey the theme or purpose of your story in a distinctive manner. 

Authors often ruin their own story by adding too much information on the cover. A book’s cover must have a hook by using good graphic design to keep the reader interested without divulging the full story. By revealing the hook in the cover, this can help lead to a book being very successful. 

What You Should Expect From a Good Book Cover

When looking at book covers and designs, it’s important to consider these important elements which can make or break your book. 


You’ll want to make sure that your text is legible but also appealing. Some authors opt for only text on their books over imagery as this can seem more appealing and entice the reader to find out more about the book. Typography can also help an author being a household name as it can help build trust and loyalty from readers. 

Cover images

If you opted for an image, this must act live a teaser and not a spoiler. A well thought cover image can tell a person a lot about a book without revealing every detail. More than just decoration, a cover image should draw a reader in without them even having to turn the first page.

Use Colours to Draw Attention

The colours that you choose for your cover should help convey the mood and message you’re trying to send to your readers. Complimentary colours work well as these can provoke feelings and expressions. Many bestselling book covers feature a blue and orange design or black and white design, this is because these colours work well together but still catch the attention of the audience. 

When looking for a professional book cover designer, they’ll need to understand what you’re looking for and what needs portraying on the cover. Createxplore have a wide range of designers available to help create the cover you imagine. Take a look at our range of creatives. 

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