Graphic Design for Charities

Our aim is to connect charities and non-profit organisations with creators who can provide graphic design services for free or a low cost.

Why Charities Need Graphic Design

Charities need a way to stand out online as there is a lot of competition out there. This could range from grabbing your audience’s attention with personalised and branded images or by using graphical images to better represent your messaging. Here are some of the ways that graphic design can be used to help your charity: 

  • Highlight statistics on how many people have helped you or sponsored you in the last month.
  • Personalise the relationship between visitors and your team by creating graphics to show off your employees and staff. 
  • Brand your images with your logo or name to help promote your charity to a wider audience. 

It can be hard to juggle fundraising, grant applications, charity or fundraising events along with everything else which means that graphic design may be low down on your list of things to do. However, you'll want your charity to make an impression so you really shouldconsider the importance of having high-quality graphics.

How Graphic Design can Help Your Charity

Charities require donations and these are usually driven by instinctive emotions. If a viewer isn’t compelled by your image or graphic they are far less likely to donate to your charity. Graphic design can be used to elicit emotions such as empathy almost instantly within a campaign helping to gain you donations. For example, using imagery and graphics that contain sad facial expressions can spark an emotional connection and increase donations. 

Emotions are a great way to form a relationship so creating strong and triggering emotions can be an effective way to create a connection with the public. 

Create a Visual Language For Your Charity

Graphic design allows you to create a visual language between you and your audience. This allows you to tell them a story through the use of a graphic. People are designed to naturally listen and engage with stories and if the story makes an emotional impact, the audience is likely to remember them as well. 

It’s important to leave room for imagination within your graphics as this can allow the audience to fill in the gaps and help your campaign be more memorable and universal.

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Create a Connection With Your Audience

The old saying is that “a picture can say a thousand words”, it can provoke emotions and compel the audience to take action without even saying what the action is. This is why graphic design is so important to 

When donating people want to feel like they're doing it voluntarily and not being forced into it. This is where graphic design can be effective. 

If used well, graphic design can communicate a need by triggering emotions and the personal understanding process. For example, a picture of a child who is facing away from the camera is using his body language to tell you that he’s sad, perhaps lonely and the audience instinctively feels sorry for them. They may fill in the details of why they believe the child is sad. 

Because of this personal understanding process, the viewer feels connected on a more significant level and is more likely going to donate to your charity all without being told what to do. 

Highlight Statistics

Graphic design is also a great way to highlight statistic such as how much you raised over a month or year and how much individual sponsors have raised. This can help showcase your charity as well as encouraging more people to donate. 

How a small workshop for mum and babies used Createxplore to design their website

With a small budget, but passionate about making a workshop for mum and babies, Kerry needed graphic design and social media help to ensure her project came to life and was discovered by those who needed it.

That's where Createxplore came to the rescue: from designing a business logo, to help build her website, Createxplore gave Kerry all the resources she needed to make her workshop thrive! Take a look at her experience:


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