Free Creative Help For Charities

Our passionate Creators can help turn your creative project into a reality, for a small budget or for free.

What kind of creative help might a charity or not-for-profit need?

As a charity, there can be a lot of competition for what is probably a limited budget. This means that creative projects you have in mind, like redesigning your logo or investing in a new website, can often get pushed to the back of the queue. But they can also be critically important to raising awareness of what you do and to how people can get involved.

Running a non-profit organisation can also soak up a lot of your time. From the day-to-day running of the charity to doing what you actually set the charity up to do. It can be difficult to set time aside to do things like building an online presence or marketing on social media. And perhaps you also feel you don’t have the skills to create something to the standard you would like.

That’s where Createxplore can help!


How can Createxplore help?

We make it easy for creative hobbyists (we call them Creators) to meet people, like you, who need their help (we call you Explorers). Createxplore lets you post what we call a “Project” (or as many Projects as you like) that you need help with for free. You can browse through our Creator skills to see the services they offer and their individual portfolios, and we also help you find a Creator by their ratings and distance from you. This way you can select the Creator that best fits your Project. You choose whether to offer a financial reward for the Project or to ask for help for free.

If you need help with a web site, for example, you can browse through Creator profiles and find those with the skill “Web Design”. If you need a logo then you can browse for the skill “Graphic Design”, and so on. Most Creators have more than one skill listed, so our Explorers often find a Creator who can help with multiple skills.

What are the benefits of using Createxplore?

Unlike other services, Createxplore provides access to Creators who are hobbyists looking to use and develop their creative skills whilst working on meaningful real-world projects. They are not primarily motivated by making money in the way that professional freelancers are. The benefits to a charity or not-for-profit include:

  •  Creative help at low cost or for free - You decide how much, if anything, to offer as a fee for your Project. Our Creators typically choose the Projects they want to work on based on the nature of the Project and your organisation.
  • Post as many Projects as you like, for free - Each Project is associated with one creative skill, so if you need help with more than one skill (or have more than one Project needing the same skill) then you can post as many Projects as you need, completely for free.
  • Easy to use  - It’s quick and easy to post a Project and we then suggest Creators who are likely to be able to help. Or you can search through all our Creators on our Find a Creator page.
  • Our mission is to help people like you - We built Createxplore as a means for passionate Creators to use their creative skills for good. It was designed from the ground up, by creative hobbyists, to be a community for like-minded people to use their talents to help others.


How small charity Colourful Beginnings used Createxplore to build their website

Colourful Beginnings, a charity that supports families of premature and sick babies in NICU and beyond, needed someone to help create their website. Through Createxplore, Colourful Beginnings was able to find a Creator that helped design their website for free, so this charity could have a place online where everyone could share their story, donate and support in other ways. 


Read more about how Createxplore helped Colourful Beginnings.

What we offer for Charities and Non-Profits

  • Free access always
  • Post an unlimited number of Projects
  • Access to Creators inspired by real-life Projects
  • Search our Creators by skill, ratings and distance from you
  • View Creator portfolios to see how they fit with your project
  • Choose how much to offer as a fee for your project
It’s always FREE for Explorers