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How does Createxplore fit with freelance and agency creative services?

Createxplore isn’t designed to compete with with professional freelance or agency creative services. It’s different. Our objective is to encourage people or organisations who wouldn’t otherwise consider getting creative help to do so. At the same time we want to give amateur Creators (not professionals) the chance to practice and develop their skills (perhaps with a view to turning professional one day). We’re not suggesting that creativity isn't worth paying for, but we're leaving it up to our Explorers to decide how much they’re willing to pay for a project and then our Creators can decide whether or not to take it on. And that might depend on the project - for example a Creator might be quite happy to offer their services for free to a local charity as a way of giving back something to their community, but would want to be paid to provide the same services to a business. Our approach lets our Creators make that choice.

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