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We keep this page up to date with the questions we get asked most often about Createxplore.

Questions and answers

Do your Creators and Explorers have to be based in the UK?

We’re focusing on promoting Createxplore in the UK to begin with, but we welcome Creators and Explorers from anywhere!

What if my project needs more than one type of Creator skill?

The easiest way to post a project that needs multiple skills is to create a new version of the project for each creative skill that you need.

Who owns the rights to anything I create as part of a project?

Intellectual property is a very complicated subject and we recommend you get qualified legal advice if you’re not sure of your position before you start work on a project. Here are some general tips though (and please remember we’re not legal experts here at Createxplore!):

1. If a Creator creates something on behalf of an Explorer then usually the Creator owns the rights to that ‘asset’ unless agreed otherwise with the Explorer.

2. A Creator may grant the Explorer a licence to use the asset they have created and still retain the rights to that asset, or the Creator may transfer those rights to the Explorer if they have no interest in retaining them.

3. A Creator may need a model release form (there are templates available online) if the project includes photography of individuals or small groups of people.

4. Make sure the Creator (or the Explorer as appropriate) have permission and/or a licence to use any material not created by the Creator (for example stock images, music tracks, trademarks or other copyrighted material). Many licences distinguish between commercial and private use so the Creator needs to make sure they (or the Explorer as appropriate) have a licence that reflects the intended use of the material covered by the licence.

How much does Createxplore cost?

When we launch, Creators will be able to access Createxplore for free for an initial six months until 1 May 2019. After that, Creators will pay an annual subscription (£120, equivalent to £10 per month) to access the service.

Createxplore is free to use for Explorers, then when they post a project it’s up to them to decide whether or not to offer a financial reward to a Creator for their help with a project. We encourage our Explorers to take the fact that Creators pay a subscription into account when deciding how much to offer a Creator as payment for their help.

Why do you ask Creators to pay a subscription from 1 May 2019?

We'll ask Creators to pay a subscription to access Createxplore from 1 May 2019, which gives Creators 6 months free access from when we launch.

Createxplore was set up with the principle that it would always be kept free from advertisements (which is often the way free services are funded) and without external investors so that the service could be shaped solely by its users. We believe that a subscription model is the best way of supporting the service and sticking to those principles.

We decided to make it an annual rather than monthly subscription because it reduces the costs of administering the subscriptions and means we have a better idea of the investment we have available to develop and market Createxplore. It also shows Explorers that our Creators are committed to using the service and to helping them.

There are two main reasons why we don't think it makes sense to charge Explorers too. The first is that we want to encourage Explorers who have never used creative services (for whatever reason) to give it a try, and charging a fee for our service might be an obstacle to that. The second reason is that we want Explorers to be able to offer Creators a fee for their services if they can, rather than having to pay us.

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