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We keep this page up to date with the questions we get asked most often about Createxplore.

Questions and answers

What if my creative skill isn’t listed?

Please visit the Skills page to see our current list of skills and to ask for a new skill to be added if yours isn’t listed (or to vote for it if it's included in our Skills Poll). We look at requests for new skills regularly so the list changes frequently. We also tune our marketing effort to match Explorer demand for Projects to available Creator skills, and our list of Explorers and their Projects is growing all the time!

What makes a good Createxplore Project?

Creators have a huge range of creative skills and can offer Explorers creative help for a wide range of projects. See our Inspiration page for Project ideas or search our Projects for all open and completed Projects by other Explorers (you can search by date, skill, Explorer type and so on).

Can I be anonymous on Createxplore?

Yes, in fact we prefer to keep things anonymous when possible. When you register you choose a username which can be anything you like. We ask for your name and email address when you register, but we don't publish them to other Creators or Explorers. We also ask for your postcode and we do publish that so that, for example, a Creator can see how far away they are from a particular project if they need to travel to it. Your profile picture and cover photo can be anything you like - we recommend that they don't reveal who you are. We ask both Creators and Explorers to complete a short "About me" paragraph, but that can also be anonymous. And when an Explorer posts a Project they include a short description, which again doesn't have to give away who they are. When a Creator and Explorer agree to work together on a Project they can use Createxplore to exchange messages so they don't have to exchange email addresses. It's only when a Project requires it that you need to share more information about you, and that's just between you and the Creator or Explorer you're working with.

What if there are no Projects for my creative skill?

We constantly tune our marketing effort to match Explorer demand for Projects to available Creator skills. Our list of Explorers and their Projects is growing all the time so please keep checking back with us to make sure you don’t miss out on new Projects! We recommend Creators make sure your portfolio is complete so Explorers can decide whether you would be a good fit for their Projects. Creators are also free to contact any Explorers they'd like to work with directly through Createxplore.

Why can't I see all the registered Creators on the Creators page?

Creators can choose whether to publish or hide their profile and portfolio which makes them visible or invisible on the Creators search page. This gives them a way of taking a break from new project invitations at any time, for example if they're busy with existing projects.

Do your Creators and Explorers have to be based in the UK?

We’re focusing on promoting Createxplore in the UK to begin with, but we welcome Creators and Explorers from anywhere!

What if my Project needs more than one type of Creator skill?

The easiest way to post a Project that needs multiple skills is to create a new version of the Project for each creative skill that you need.

Who owns the rights to anything I create as part of a project?

Intellectual property is a complicated subject and we recommend you get qualified legal advice if you’re not sure of your position before you start work on a Project. Here are some general tips though (and please remember we’re not legal experts here at Createxplore):

1. If a Creator creates something on behalf of an Explorer then usually the Creator owns the rights to that ‘asset’ unless agreed otherwise with the Explorer.

2. A Creator may grant the Explorer a licence to use the asset they have created and still retain the rights to that asset, or the Creator may transfer those rights to the Explorer if they have no interest in retaining them.

3. A Creator may need a model release form (there are templates available online) if the Project includes photography of individuals or small groups of people.

4. Make sure the Creator (or the Explorer as appropriate) have permission and/or a licence to use any material not created by the Creator (for example stock images, music tracks, trademarks or other copyrighted material). Many licences distinguish between commercial and private use so the Creator needs to make sure they (or the Explorer as appropriate) have a licence that reflects the intended use of the material covered by the licence.

5. Createxplore has no rights to anything created as part of a Createxplore Project.

How much does Createxplore cost?

Createxplore is free to use for Explorers, then when you post a Project it’s up to you to decide whether or not to offer a financial reward to a Creator for their help with a Project.

Createxplore is free to use for Creators too.

How does Createxplore fit with freelance and agency creative services?

Createxplore isn’t designed to compete with with professional freelance or agency creative services. It’s different. Our objective is to encourage people or organisations who wouldn’t otherwise consider getting creative help to do so. At the same time we want to give hobbyist Creators (not professionals) the chance to practice and develop their skills (perhaps with a view to turning professional one day). We’re not suggesting that creativity isn't worth paying for, but we're leaving it up to our Explorers to decide how much they’re willing to pay for a Project and then our Creators can decide whether or not to take it on. And that might depend on the Project - for example a Creator might be quite happy to offer their services for free to a local charity as a way of giving back something to their community, but would want to be paid to provide the same services to a business. Our approach lets our Creators make that choice.

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