Student Online Portfolio

Having an online student portfolio gives students the opportunity to showcase their work and have evidence of the skills that they possess.

What is a digital portfolio for students?

There are many different types of digital portfolios that you can create. These can range from a video showreel to a photography and graphic design portfolio. These are all areas where you can showcase your talents and past works whether that is from an internship or work that has been created during your time at university. 

Digital portfolios are usually used by students who are aiming at getting into a creative or online field, for example as a graphic designer or web developer. 


The Importance of Online Portfolios for Students

A student portfolio is important in many ways as it's a professional way to showcase your work and share expertise with others. It’s also a great way to make a first impression to potential employers and can help them find out more about you. It shows that you're more than just your resume. Before moving to the online portfolio, students would have to create a physical portfolio and take it with them to potential job interviews and internships. Having an online portfolio makes it easier and more accessible for a wide range of people to view work. 


How to Create an Online Student Portfolio

Creating an online portfolio is easy and doesn’t have to be time consuming. On Createxplore, it’s simply a case of registering, filling in a few details about yourself, uploading your previous work and you’re done! Whether your skills fall under the category of Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video & Animation, Photography, Music & Audio or something else creative, Createxplore is the perfect place to showcase your talents. An online portfolio you can easily share with potential employers. Not only that, but once you’re registered with Createxplore, you can then find real world projects to finesse your skills and add to your student portfolio!


5 Tips When Making an Online Student Portfolio

When creating a portfolio you’ll need to make sure that what you include is relevant to what you're trying to portray about yourself and what job role you’re potentially going for.

1) Think about what should and what shouldn’t be included - it might be tempting to add everything that you’ve ever done in your portfolio but is it really necessary? It's important to set aside some time and think about the work that you want to showcase and the work that you don’t. 

2) Select only the strongest pieces - put your pieces that you're most proud of or those that have got you some strong feedback in your portfolio and leave those that didn’t get the reaction you wanted out. 

3) Make it unique and creative - your work is creative and unique in its own right so you want to make sure your portfolio is the same as your work - creative and unique just like you. 

4) Vary your work - Try and cover all areas of your creative skillset that might be relevant to potential employers

5) How much do you want to include? - Decide how much you want to include in your portfolio. This could be 10 pieces or a 100. Think about how this represents you and your talent. 


How do you maintain a student portfolio?

Maintaining your portfolio means that you need to keep updating it with new content and inputting new reflections on recent and past works. If past work doesn’t fit with the angle you're taking your portfolio then you need to remove it. Portfolios are generally a record of progression so as you progress throughout school or work it’s important that your portfolio reflects that. Set yourself a target of updating your portfolio either once a week, bi-weekly or monthly this way it stays relevant and fresh. 


Createxplore is a great place to create your student portfolio as well as finding opportunities to expand it all whilst providing support for small businesses and charities alike. Register today to create your free profile. 

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