Working together on a Project

Working together on a Project

So you’ve agreed to work together on a Project – congratulations! Here are some tips for both Creators and Explorers to help make your Project a success.


Tip #1

Tell the Creator why you chose them

For example, maybe you liked a particular album in their profile. This helps the Creator understand your expectations of them.


Tip #2

Agree a short written brief for the Project

Use the Project description as the basis for agreeing a Project brief between you. Ideally that brief should be completed before you start work on the Project and cover everything in this list of tips. It’s a great opportunity to answer any questions and make sure you have a common understanding of the Project.


Tip #3

Agree how you’re going to keep in touch

Pick the way that works best for both of you. That might be phone, email, a hangout or meeting up in person. Just make sure it’s something you’re both comfortable with.


Tip #4

Only share personal information if you have to

We’d recommend not sharing any personal information unless you need to. It’s just good common sense. No need to share a full address or phone number if you’re keeping in touch by email for example. Of course never, ever share sensitive information like bank account details (for example, we recommend using PayPal for any payments).


Tip #5

Confirm any payment offered

Make sure you confirm what payment will be made to the Creator when the Project is completed. It’s a Creator’s responsibility to make sure they’re happy with any payment offered, and that it covers any expenses they may incur, before accepting the invitation to work on the Project. It’s also worth agreeing up front how and when that payment will be made.


Tip #6

Agree ownership of what will be created

If ownership of what is created through the Project is important to you then you should agree that ownership in writing up front. Intellectual property is a complicated subject and we recommend you get qualified legal advice if you’re not sure of your position before you start work on a Project. See our FAQs for some tips (but remember we’re not legal experts here at Createxplore).


Tip #7

Agree any important dates

We recommend you share a rough plan of when the work will be done. Include any dates you need to stick to.


Tip #8

Make sure you’re clear how what is created will be delivered

That could include the media (for example, is a link to an online folder of images ok, or are you expecting prints?) and any preference for format (if you’re not happy to leave that up to the Creator).


Tip #9

Check if you need to travel

Confirm if either of you are expected to travel during the course of the Project.


Tip #10

Share examples of any work you like

If you have something in mind for the Project then go ahead and share it at the start of the Project. It all helps to make sure you’re both talking the same language :).


Most of all, have fun!


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