Explorers - tips on posting a Project

Explorers - tips on posting a Project

As an Explorer, the Projects you post on Createxplore are what a Creator will search through to find something that sparks their interest. So it’s important to make sure you include the right details to catch the eye of the Creator that’s right for your Project.


Here are some tips for posting a great Createxplore Project :)


Tip #1

Start by choosing the creative skill you need

Every Project is associated with one creative skill so the first step is to decide which creative skill you need for your Project. If you’re not sure then take a look at the Projects posted by other Explorers and the skills that they associated their Projects with. If your Project needs more than one creative skill then you should create a new Project for each skill you need.


Tip #2

An interesting title helps

When you post a Project you can give it a short title that shows up in the Project search. Make it something that both describes the project, appeals to the kind of Creator you want to attract and ideally stands out from Explorers posting similar Projects. For example “You can help show we care” might be more appealing for a charity Project than “Take event pictures”. Or maybe you’re a running club “Make running look fun!” or want a film of your Mum “Make my Mum a film star”.


Tip #3

Include a little about you

Use the Project description to say a bit more about you as well as the Project. What’s the background to the Project and what difference will the Creator’s help make to you (and your organisation if appropriate)? Our Creators are typically very motivated by helping other people, so making a personal connection can help attract the right Creator for you.


Tip #4

Never share personal information in your Project

When you post a Project it’s visible to anyone browsing Createxplore. Creators aren’t able to message you until they’ve registered but the basic information about your Project (including its title, location and your profile picture) can be seen by anyone. So please don’t include your name, any organisation names, email addresses, telephone numbers, full addresses or any other personal information in any images or the Project title.


Tip #5

Give as much notice as you can

Our Creators are hobbyists so often have a day job or other commitments. When you post a Project you can choose whether the Creator is needed on a specific date (for example at an event) or if you simply need the Project completed any time before a date. Giving Creators as much notice and as much flexibility as possible in helping you with your Project will increase your chances of attracting suitable Creators.


Tip #6

If you have a style in mind, say so up front

Most Creators are happy to be guided if you have a specific style in mind for your Project. Some Creators prefer a free hand in what they create. If you’re looking for something in particular then describe it as well as you can in your Project description, ideally including links to examples of similar work you like.


Tip #7

Be clear what has to be created

Creative projects usually have some kind of output at the end of them. For example, photography projects today typically end with emailing a link to an online album of digital pictures. But if you’re expecting something different (in that example, maybe you assumed you would get printed pictures) then you might be disappointed. The best advice is to set out in your Project description what you expect to be delivered at the end of the Project. That then becomes the clear basis for agreeing with a Creator that the Project has been completed.


Tip #8

Say if you need the Creator to travel

Some creative skills often require travel (such as photography) and our Creators are typically more than happy to travel. Many creative skills work really well at a distance (or with the help of a Skype call, Hangout or phone call). But in some cases it’s less clear whether travel is necessary. If you think travel is likely to be required then tick the “travel required” box.


Tip #9

Decide how much you want to offer as payment

There are three things to think about when deciding how much to offer a Creator for their help.


Start with figuring out what you can afford, and if the answer is “nothing” then that’s ok – most of our Creators aren’t primarily motivated by making money so skip the rest of this tip and post your Project!


Secondly, think about what costs a Creator might incur in helping you. They might incur travel and consumables costs which will vary widely by Project. In 2020 we'll introduce a Premium Creator tier alongside the free tier. Creators who choose to will pay a monthly subscription of £5 to access the Premium tier. So if a Creator works on one Project a month (say) then their subscription cost relating to that Project is £5. If you want to get a rough figure for these costs then one idea is to message a Creator who has completed a similar Project and ask for their estimate.


Lastly, look at what other Explorers are offering for similar Projects (or have offered in the past for completed Projects).


Putting those three things together should give you a good idea of how much to offer. Note that payments from Explorers to Creators are made outside Createxplore (we recommend using PayPal).


Tip #10

Invite Creators to work on your Project!

Once you've posted your Project you could just wait and see if a Creator gets in touch, but you're much more likely to get a response if you invite a Creator to work on your Project. You do that from the Creators page by clicking on the "Invite" button for any Creator you're interested in. You can invite as many Creators as you like to work on your Project, and the first to accept your invitation is allocated to it. You can always check who you've invited (and cancel invitations if you want to) from the 'My Projects' tab on your Dashboard. See this article on choosing a Creator for some tips.


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