Creating a great Createxplore Creator Profile

Creating a great Createxplore Creator Profile

As a Creator, your profile is your shop window and somewhere any Explorer is going to visit before they choose you for their Project. So it’s important to get it right to make sure you get the chance to work on the Projects you’re most interested in.


Here are some tips to help you create a great Createxplore profile :)


Tip #1

Your profile should reflect the work you want get involved in

An Explorer is going to use your profile to decide whether you have the skills and style for their Project. So it makes sense to focus your profile on examples of your work that use the creative skills you want to focus on and reflect your style. Resist the temptation to include everything! Something may be technically brilliant, but if it’s not work you want to repeat then it might be best to leave it out.


Tip #2

Your profile can include as many albums as you like

Your profile should include at least one album, but it can include as many as you like. It’s up to you how you organise them, perhaps around individual projects or types of work. It also helps Explorers if you show different creative skills (if you have more than one) in separate albums. Of course your profile can include work that you’ve created outside Createxplore as well as for our Explorers.


If you have text documents rather than images (for example, if you're a creative writer) then you can include examples of your work by converting your text to images. First of all save your text in PDF format, then convert it to JPG (use Preview on a mac or a free converstion tool like this one to do that).


Tip #3

If you’re just starting out, create a “best of” album

If you don’t think you have enough material for multiple albums (or you’re just short of time) then create a “Best of” album that showcases the material you do have (but remember Tip #1).


Tip #4

Tell the story

Your profile lets you include images and film in your albums. It also lets you describe the ‘story’ behind your work. That can really help an Explorer understand the way you approach your work and what you’re passionate about. Describe what motivated and inspired you. If the work was for someone else then how did you find each other? What was the brief they came to you with? How did they react to what you created? Remember to get permission to use any content you don’t own, and if you intend to name anyone (or any organisation).


Tip #5

If you already have an album somewhere else it’s ok to use it

If you already have an album on another platform then you can include links to it. We recommend including samples of your work in your Createxplore profile though. That makes it one step easier for Explorers to get a sense of what you do.



Tip #6

The best albums look like Projects

The more your albums look like the kind of Projects Explorers are posting, the easier it is for Explorers to see if you might be able to help. So from time to time it’s worth investing a little time looking at the Projects being posted by Explorers you want to work with and checking whether your profile matches their needs.


Tip #7

Only include your own work

An obvious one, and more of a rule than a tip to be honest. Please only include work that you created, and get permission if you don’t own the rights to the work. Otherwise you risk disappointing someone and you may be breaking the law.


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