Ultimate Guide: Createxplore vs. fiverr [New for 2021]

Ultimate Guide: Createxplore vs. fiverr [New for 2021]

Createxplore vs. fiverr: which is the best choice for small businesses & charities?

If you need an experienced professional to create your established company a brand new website, new logo or run your social media accounts, then you can of course hire freelancers through a service like fiverr.


However, if you’re a small business owner or you run a local charity, you often don’t have the funds to be able to pay people for that sort of creative help.


With Createxplore, it’s easy for creative hobbyists to meet people who need their help and to work on real-world projects. They get to practice and develop their creative skills and don’t have the same need for financial reward as a professional.


Whilst you can still earn money on Createxplore, it’s not the main aim of the platform as there are plenty of other sites out there that will help you make money online. Createxplore is designed to bring enthusiasts together with people who need their help the most, which in itself offers a number of benefits you wouldn’t get from going to freelance websites such as fiverr.


What is Createxplore?

Createxplore is the best of both worlds: a place where people, small businesses and charities can post the projects they need help with; and where creative hobbyists, whether beginners or experts, can build a free portfolio while using their skills to help others. There are plenty of ways to help, but Createxplore focuses on improving the skills of the creators and building relationships rather than financial gain.

What is fiverr?

Fiverr is an online freelancing platform. In a nutshell: freelancers post their services with an associated fee and let the customers, or “buyers” come to them. It’s a one-way street, where only freelancers can advertise the skills they sell.

A key point: an individual or business needs to scour through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of listings, go through their digital services and skills one by one in order to analyse which one better aligns with their intentions. It limits businesses since they can’t type in exact specifications of what their needs entails and are shown only the freelancers that match their criteria.


Createxplore vs fiverr Comparison

Why Do Creators Use The Platform

Most creatives use both platforms for two main reasons: they don’t have a current rapport of clients nor the time to build a platform advertising their services from scratch.


For fiverr specifically, users join the platform with the sole aim of generating some side income in their spare time. This fallacy does not account for two factors: First, your clients will give you deadlines that you need to meet and often expect a quick turnaround, so the “spare time” will quickly become a sleepless night trying to meet their demands before sunrise. Second, the side income generated will be collected by fiverr first and then your allocated percentage sent to you, so don’t expect the money in your account as soon as you turn in your project.


Fiverr isn’t terrible for Creators, of course. If a creator wants to check out what creative skills are more in demand, has a particular niche set of talents or is looking to turn a side-hustle into a full business then fiverr will likely get two thumbs-up from them. But before you sign-up thinking it’s all sunshine and roses, we suggest reading this fiverrr review from a creators perspective.


At Createxplore the values are a fair bit different: Explorers need help, and Creators want to help, regardless of payment. This means there is a personal investment in each project. Creators chose to use the platform as they wish to hone their skills, assist a charitable cause or small organization, and turn in the best quality work that aligns with the vision the Explorer has. The values are not on making money, rather building a portfolio of meaningful real-world projects.


What Creative Skills Are Available

fiverr focuses on mostly small tasks that can be done once and don’t require a high level of commitment or long term partnership. Their categories include: graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business, fun & lifestyle. This last includes anything you can imagine, from gaming coaches to accountant services.


Createxplore has creative design as a cornerstone and allows you to be specific on the skills necessary for your project, for example differentiating between animation and 3D animation to ensure you get the exact results you need. 


Createxplore skills include, but are not limited to: Art (Abstract Art Painting, Fine Art Painting, Landscapes Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, 3D Art & Animation, Illustration), Photography (Drone, Automotive, Marine, Portraiture, Product), Editing (Audio, Film, Photo), Marketing (Content, Digital), Design (Fashion, Graphic), Acting, Creative Writing, Data Visualisation, Film, Music, Music For Film, Social Media Management, Voiceover Actor, Web Design. With a continuously evolving skill list based on what creators offer and what explorers are looking for.


How Does The Platform Work

On fiverr the process of advertising a service is rather detailed for freelancers, but the platform itself is easy to navigate.

For buyers the process is quick: search the category you desire; pick the ad that fits your needs, budget, and necessary delivery schedule; confirm your order details and pay through any online banking service you wish; the last step is answering what requirements your seller has for you before they can commence your order.


To become a seller on fiverr, the account needs an associated portfolio, social media pages, and contact information, to ensure legitimacy (although those pages are not individually analysed, only a link is needed to complete the signup form). Freelancers input their educational background, general skills, area of expertise and categories they wish to focus on. From then on, freelancers create their “gig”: a sales pitch of the service they provide, include images, examples of previous work, price ranges for their services and extra fees (for example, if a buyer needs the product delivered a day earlier than usual), and may even include extra questions potential buyers need to answer before the freelancer can accept the job. 


One more thing to note: Most fiverr freelancers come from non-English native countries, so some language barriers are to be expected. That being said, reviews are a very important part of fiverr, so freelancers will likely compromise on projects if they expect positive feedback. The impact of a bad review on a gig means an automatic “demotion” to the forgotten fiverr pages.


Keep in mind that reliable buyers are not a guarantee on fiverr, and there may be issues of difficult-to-attain requests for freelancers or unanswered messages regarding project details. All communication on fiverr is done through the website, so there may be some delays if one or both parties aren’t active daily on the platform to answer requests. Vendors are not permitted to contact buyers through other channels, or their accounts may be banned.


On Createxplore since both Explorers and Creators post their services the process is fairly similar for both. A Creator will start by registering on the platform, sharing their creative skills and level of experience, and presenting samples of their work. Here is what you need to learn how to get started as a Creator on Createxplore.


For an Explorer, the process begins by giving details on the project they require help with and the creative skill they need. In addition, Explorers insert the deadline for the project, and, if there is a need for travel, can set the location. In the last step, Explorers set the possible fee they can pay Creators for their assistance.

On the Creator's page, Explorers can search every Creator that has a public profile, see their skills, willingness to travel and ratings, then inviting Creators to work on their project. 

If you’re an Explorer, see our video on posting your first project.


To make working together as seamless as possible, Createxplore has a messaging page designed specifically for Creators and Explorers to communicate before agreeing to tackle a project together.

By building a rapport with a small local community at Createxplore, you’re guaranteed not to get lost in the noise of freelancing apps with people who have built a stronger portfolio for longer. Not only this, but open communication forms a bond between Creators and Explorers for future collaboration.


What Does It Cost

For freelancers fiverr poses a few drawbacks: it charges flat fees, which means you can only price your work at £5, £25, £50, £100. And if you’re just starting with not a lot of reviews on your work (facing a lot of competition), odds are you won’t be able to price your projects very high. The fine print: fiverr also takes 20% out of every sale a freelancer makes.


For buyers, a starting fee of £5 seems ideal, but there can be a lot of hidden extra costs, from reviewing a work, making adjustments, asking for quicker delivery, you name it. In fiverr, buyers also pay a processing fee that quickly adds up: 5% of the total for orders over £20. And since freelancers usually zone in on one niche, if you wish to adjust the project you paid for to different formats, say having your Facebook banner converted to your blog as well, you will have extra costs, and may find issues with the adaptations. 


fiverr focuses a lot on price: the lowest possible cost for the cheapest freelancer. This has an obvious impact on the quality of work. By charging so little, freelancers are encouraged to take multiple projects simultaneously, the result? Emphasis on quantity over quality. The priority becomes delivering work quickly so they can move on to the next and get paid.


Createxplore offers completely free access, always. Individuals, charities, community groups, clubs and small businesses with creative needs (what we call Explorers) will never face charges, given that they’re small organisations with limited funds. In turn, that gives them the ability to instead offer a fee to Creators (our passionate creative hobbyists) for their services, although there is no obligation to offer a financial reward. 

As for Creators, they have free access to the platform as well, and there are plans to introduce an optional “premium” tier for Creators (alongside the free access tier) later in 2021 which will offer Creators additional features and help to fund the platform. Createxplore doesn’t take a cut from either Creators or Explorers.


At Createxplore, Explorers have access to examples of Creators work and feedback from any previous projects, so although Creators are mostly hobbyists, Explorers can review the attention to detail and consistency they bring to each project.

The ability to exchange messages between each other means that both parties can ask for any additional information they want before you commit to working together. And once the project is completed, Explorers may leave feedback on the Creator’s work.


Who Is Behind the Platform

Fiverr’s current CEO is also one of the founders but a lot has changed since being set up in 2010. It has since gone public in the New York Stock Exchange, has acquired four different organizations and now has a board of directors who run the day-to-day dealings of the business. Long story short: there is a massive corporation behind the platform.


At Createxplore, the people behind the platform are less nameless and you will also not likely see them wearing suits and discussing Amazon partnerships on a Tuesday morning. Createxplore is a small family-run start-up based in the UK. This means that when you email us for support your answer will come from either one staff member or the founder himself. There are no automatic messages or bots will answer your queries and you will receive a tailored response to your specific questions.


Createxplore vs fiverr: for small businesses

Many small businesses need high-quality representation, especially if they are just starting, and need investors and clients. So, they reach out for online platforms due to the lack of budget or staff, to get help for business branding success. 


So here are some things to take into account: fiverr has descriptions of the skills freelancers offer, with so much competition, small businesses must take the time to go over these details. So although business owners may be paying little for a final project, this is a time-consuming process.


Small businesses often have limited budgets to hire creative agencies or professional freelancers and end up choosing to not outsource their creative needs. The outcome is increased workload, less time for other essential work, and a rushed result that can impact their business in the eyes of consumers. Createxplore takes that into account by letting small business Explorers set the funds they have available for a project and getting the help they need regardless of budget. Creators are often practising their skills and choose to take on projects that interest or challenge them, so small businesses are just the right partner for them.


Createxplore vs fiverr: for charities

fiverr works on the assumption that both parties are paying for a service that helps a business grow, increase sales and revenue. When we are talking about charities and community groups, those simply aren’t the same values, but they also need creative services to stand out, guarantee more community engagement and funds for essential projects. 


Createxplore understands this, and in turn, incites beginners and creative hobbyists to practise their skills by helping these organisations. As a creator, they can build a portfolio and get actual feedback: perfect for those getting started. Take a look at our dedicated charity page {LINK} to see how we specifically help charities


So Which Platform is Right For Your Project? 

Whilst the options on fiverr are huge and paying a nominal fee for some of the various services available will not be a problem for many businesses, for many SMEs and charities, the personal touch of Createxplore makes it more attractive option. 


fiverr is more transactional than Createxplore, which is fine for big businesses, but doesn’t always encourage building a relationship with other users for a more bespoke service which Createxplore prides itself on so there are pros and cons to each site.


Picking the right platform needs to align with our personal goals. If you need a quick turnaround in a project and your focus is on time versus quality, then fiverr would be the option for you. If, however, you are willing to work with a creative hobbyist who is entirely dedicated to your project and whose values align with yours, then Createxplore is the best decision. Likewise, if you need to base your decision on budget, Createxplore is the way to go.