Choosing a Creator for your Project

Choosing a Creator for your Project

Choosing the right Creator for your Project can make the difference between being delighted or not when the Project finishes. We encourage our Creators not to take on any Projects they’re unsure they can deliver. As an Explorer you can also take some simple steps to help find the right Creator for you.


Here are some tips on choosing the right Creator for your Project...


Tip #1

Search by skill

When you’re searching for a Creator, start by filtering on the skill that you’re looking for (for example photography or graphic design). That’s the first step in narrowing down our list of Creators. If you’re not sure what skill you need (and your Project doesn’t look like any of our inspirational projects) then email us with information about your Project at and we’ll do our best to help.


Tip #2

Decide if location is important to you

If you need a Creator to come to a specific location as part of the completing the Project then you can filter your search to order your list of Creators by their distance from you. Remember that many of our Creators are willing to travel so Creators further away from you may still be happy to work on your Project.


Tip #3

Check their skill level

When you look at an individual Creator’s profile you’ll see the full list of their skills as well as their skill level for each of those (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert). You can use that skill level to help decide if they might be the right Creator for you. For example, you may be happy for a beginner to photograph an event where you have more than one photographer coming along, but you probably want someone with more experience to be the only photographer at a one off event like a birthday or a wedding. Bear in mind that some Creators will interpret their skill level differently to others because it's subjective of course (one person's "expert" is another person's "intermediate", etc) so see Tip #4...


Tip #4

Review their profile

Take a look at each potential Creator’s profile to see if any of their work inspires you and demonstrates the level of ability you're looking for. It will also show you if they’ve worked on something similar to your Project. Depending on your Project, you may want to choose a Creator who has delivered something similar before. If they haven't uploaded any albums to their profile then send them a message and ask for examples of their work.


Tip #5

Look at their ratings

A Creator’s ratings will tell you how other Explorers have found working with them on a Project. Of course in the beginning none of our Creators will have Createxplore ratings, but they will become more important over time!


Tip #6

Get in touch with them

If you’re interested in a particular Creator but have some questions, perhaps about their interest or availability, then you can message them through Createxplore. That avoids your having to share any personal contact details until you’re ready to work together.


Tip #7

Use favourites

On the Creator search page you can add a Creator to (or remove them from) your favourites. That gives you a really quick way to show your shortlist of Creators any time you want to.


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