Case Study: Workshop for Mum and Babies

Case Study: Workshop for Mum and Babies

Introducing Kerry

With a small budget, but passionate about making a workshop for mum and babies, Kerry needed Createxplore’s help to ensure her project came to life and was discovered by those who needed it. From design help on her logo and website to marketing and social media assistance, Kerry made use of Createxplore resources to ensure her workshop had the best possible options of standing out. 


What creative help did she need?

For starters, Kerry needed help designing a business logo. Aiming for a family audience, it was essential to make sure that the first interaction people had with the brand was trust and positivity. 

Kerry also required assistance in designing a website, but with a limited budget and system features she wasn’t familiar with yet, creating a web presence for her workshop from scratch that had an impressive style and was unique from her competitors was beyond her abilities.


How did Createxplore help?

Kerry reached out to Createxplore’s creators to design both her logo and website. She picked someone with lots of experience and knowledge in web creation to help her website be intuitive to use but maintain a personal touch. Thanks to our graphic design creators Kerry was able to find low-cost creative help that followed the ideas she had in mind for her small business.


Createxplore went beyond Kerry’s expectation: the digital marketing creators helped Kerry when coming up with marketing ideas and social media. Enhancing web presence in various areas yet keeping it low cost may seem unattainable, but Createxplore helped Kerry reach a large audience online. 


The workshop for mum and babies’ digital marketing strategy allowed Kerry to not only measure her progress but also get in front of potential customers and know exactly what they were looking for from her business.


Would you recommend Createxplore?

“I came across Createxplore and it was exactly what I needed.” Kerry had an overwhelmingly positive experience as an explorer and reached her business objectives thanks to the help of our amazing creators. 

At Createxplore, connecting people who need creative skills to make their ideas come to life with those who can make them come to life is what we are passionate about.

As Kerry puts it: “It was brilliant! I would highly recommend Createxplore.”

See Kerry’s video testimonial here.


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