Case Study: Colourful Beginnings Charity

Case Study: Colourful Beginnings Charity

Introducing Colourful Beginnings

Colourful Beginnings is a charity in the UK that supports families with premature and sick babies. Their reach goes beyond the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), supporting families in the community after being discharged from hospitals. Inspired by their founder, Ola’s, experience with her own two premature daughters, this charity aims to create a support group for families, sharing love and giving hope to those experiencing similarly difficult journeys. Colourful Beginnings is a platform where families can ask and answer medical or non-medical questions, and share success stories to inspire others. 


What creative help did they need? 

Colourful Beginnings needed someone to help create their website to have a place where everyone could share their story, donate and support in other ways. As a small charity, Colourful Beginnings can only do what they do because of those who volunteer and donate their time and resources. So, having a web presence is crucial to get people to join them in meeting their goals of reaching families in NICUs all over the UK.


How did Createxplore help? 

With a small budget for their website, Colourful Beginnings found in Createxplore a free platform that could help them with their creative needs. The charity posted their project, picking the creative skill they needed help with (Web Design) and describing what they were looking for in their website. Colourful Beginnings founder Ola searched through the recommended Creators and invited the ones whose profile aligned with her goals to work on the project.

A Creator accepted Colourful Beginnings invitation to work together and, after discussing the project on Createxplore’s messaging page, started designing and building their website. This way, Ola quickly found an experienced Creator who developed their website for free. 


Would you recommend Createxplore? 

For Ola, the creative services Createxplore provided free of charge were exactly what she needed. In Ola’s words: “Createxplore is an amazing platform. I cannot recommend them enough.” View Ola’s testimonial here.


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