Top 10 Charity Podcasts

Top 10 Charity Podcasts

Podcasts are an invaluable well of knowledge when it comes to charity and nonprofit advice. Whether you need the inspiration to start your podcast and make yourself heard by the 15 million+ podcast listeners in the UK, or want to learn more about the strategies other nonprofit professionals implement in their business, these are the podcasts you need to check out right now.

Third Sector Podcast

The Third Sector podcast consistently features new guest speakers and shares the most up-to-date news of the voluntary sector. Unafraid to tackle tough topics like discrimination in the industry or how to deal with negative publicity, their insights on what the charity world is now and what the future will look like are bound to keep you engaged and listening from the very first minute.

Charity Chat

Passionate about the charity sector, every member of the Charity Chat podcast has worked or is currently involved in nonprofits, and it reflects on each episode. From the learning tools they share with listeners to the poignant commentary on current industry news, charity workers are bound to feel seen during their episodes. 

There have been plenty of guests on the podcast who are leading fundraising experts, but if you’re unsure what to listen to first, we recommend episode 147 “The Future of Fundraising with Ikhlaq Hussain, Richard Lee and Nick Billingham”

Do More Good

Funny, informative, relaxed: listening to Do More Good is like eavesdropping on a stranger's conversation but you’re hooked to every word and also want to pull out a notebook and start writing down the best parts. Hosts James and Kenneth discuss the charity sector with enthusiasm and humour, boldly delving into topics such as professional development and fundraising over a pint or two in pubs around London and beyond.

Nonprofit Everything 

If you ever wished you could get a podcast host to answer your questions, look no further. Nonprofit Everything discusses … Everything! Hosts Andy and Stacey answer viewers' questions, talking through everyday struggles (like how to say “no” to new program ideas), to specific industry issues. Their episode “Ransomware” debates how to attract and keep employees in the charity sector when you can’t afford to pay them the standard of other industries - an essential listen if you are starting a small nonprofit.

What Donors Want

If you ever wanted fundraising advice directly from donors, this is the podcast you need. Intending to make sure resources aimed at social impact flow easily and are more inclusive, What Donors Want interviews donors to get their ideas, advice and personal experiences for the benefit of fundraisers and the wider charity sector. Discussing major gifts fundraising with donors themselves, the podcast features dynamic and fresh conversations that teach non-profits how to cultivate meaningful and lucrative relationships with high-value donors of every kind.

Reclaim Social

Focusing on the positive aspects of social media, the Reclaim Social podcast highlights how social platforms can be more inspiring, from big nonprofit organisations to individual acts of kindness. Hosts and guests tackle difficult subject matters such as digital hate and misinformation whilst maintaining a blissful balance of topics (listen to their “Making Happiness Viral” episode and you will know exactly what we mean).

The Small Nonprofit

Top of the list for anyone who runs a nonprofit, this podcast reads like a candid practical guide of how to get things done with limited resources. The challenges, the trends, the actionable strategies: each episode is compacted into a 45-minute down-to-earth chat that is bound to energise you to change the world.

The Do One Better!

Featuring numerous interviews with CEOs, founders, filmmakers and leaders of outstanding organisations The Do One Better! Podcast has unsurprisingly hit Apple's No.1 spot for non-profit podcasts. Through each episode, you’ll likely feel inspired to be more charitable, live more sustainably, and embrace social entrepreneurship.

The Charity CEO Podcast

Knowledgeable of the charity sector’s struggle, host Dhivya O’Connor, a charity leader with over 20 years of experience, tailors this podcast for charity leaders like her as well as those who care about the important work of charities. You can listen to first-hand testimonies of Chief Executives, their recommendations, expert opinions and hard-learned lessons in the nonprofit industry. 

Cracking Charity Chat

Beth Crackles Podcast is… well, it’s Beth Crackles podcast. Nobody could host it quite like her: it’s a light-hearted conversation that lets guests open up and share their unique perspectives on how they approach different tasks in the voluntary sector and how things turned out in reality. If you want to stay connected with the fundraising world and listen to what some of the best in the sector have to say, this one's for you. 


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