About us

A little about us...

I’m Jeremy, the founder of Createxplore. I’ve been an amateur musician and photographer since I was a teenager, and more recently I’ve discovered a passion for making films too. I’ve never had the courage (or possibly the talent!) to turn professional, but I’ve always loved a project. I get super excited when someone asks me to take some pictures or make a film or write some music. Especially if it’s something I haven’t tried before. I’ve learned that I need that motivation to commit time to my ‘hobby’ and to push myself to learn new skills. And I’ve found that there’s nothing more rewarding than challenging myself whilst at the same time creating something that makes a real difference to someone.

That was my motivation for setting up Createxplore. I wanted to build a community where amateurs and hobbyists with creative skills (we call them Creators) could meet other people, charities, community groups, clubs, small businesses, etc who could use their creative help (we call them Explorers). Not primarily to make money, but for the love of being creative and the chance to use their creative skills to help someone else.

I believe passionately that there are people out there just like me. And I’m sure there are many more people who could use our creative help!

My aim through Createxplore is simply to help us find each other :)



Founder, Createxplore