How Createxplore works

Createxplore provides an easy way for people with creative hobbies (we call them Creators) to meet people who could use their help (we call them Explorers). Take a look at our short animation to find out more!

Are you a Creator?

Our Creators...

    • Are passionately creative
    • Have creative skills such as photography, film, music, web development and graphic design
    • Are motivated by working on real creative projects
    • Want to give something back to their communities
    • Have a range of experience, from beginners to experts
    • May aspire to be professionals, but are amateurs today
    • Are not primarily driven by making money
Are you an Explorer?

Our Explorers...

    • Have a creative need of some kind (see our Inspiration page for ideas!)
    • Are individuals, charities, community groups, clubs and small businesses... anyone!
    • Have no easy access to affordable creative skills
    • Are excited by the idea of giving our Creators the opportunity to put their skills to good use
    • Are willing to work with someone who is not a professional at low (or even no) cost
What we offer our Creators
    • Free access to Createxplore until 1 May 2019
    • An individual portfolio showcasing your creative skills
    • Inspiring real-life projects
    • The opportunity to use and develop your creative skills
    • Accumulate ratings and feedback for projects you complete
    • Annual subscription of £120 per year from 1 May 2019
What we offer our Explorers
    • Free access, always
    • Post an unlimited number of projects
    • Access to Creators inspired by real-life projects
    • Search our Creators by skill, ratings and distance from you
    • View Creator portfolios to see how they fit with your project
    • Choose how much to offer as a fee for your project

What do you think?

As someone who is looking for creative talent to work with, Createxplore offers the perfect solution to my needs, as I expect it will for others in my position. I am a fan already and very excited to see this launch!
Richard (Explorer)
This is an AMAZING idea! For someone who just graduated with a film degree I am struggling so much in finding (in your words) Explorers who are willing to work with people like me with very little industry experience! Can't wait to sign up!
Rachel (Creator)


Charity photography

Charity photography

Photography Photography
Including event and team photography for their website or to be printed to help promote what they do
Logo design

Logo design

Graphic design Graphic design
Creating a new logo for a small business, charity, community group or club
Create an animation

Create an animation

Animation Animation
Create a short animation to explain what a charity, small business, community group or club does
My life film

My life film

Film Film
Create a short film of someone special talking about their life

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